NJRPA Membership FAQ’s

Should I wish to cancel my membership, can I receive a refund or a credit?
Sorry there are no refunds or credits issued on membership once paid. 

I am leaving my current agency and accepting employment with another. Does my membership transfer with me?
Your membership belongs to the individual or agency who provided payment. If you, the individual, personally paid for your membership fee, then the membership travels with you. If your agency paid for the membership, the membership remains with the agency to be transferred to a new employee.

An individual left our agency and we hired a new employee. Can I transfer the NJRPA membership for our agency from the old to the new employee?
Yes, as long as the agency paid for the membership, it may be transferred to the new employee.

I would like to join in the middle of the membership year. Do you prorate membership?
No, we do not prorate membership. All membership fees remain the same regardless of your join date.