The New Jersey Trails Program was established with the passage of the New Jersey Trails System Act in 1974, laying the groundwork for a network of trails that provide for outdoor recreation and an appreciation of the outdoor, natural and remote areas of New Jersey. The act charged the Department of Environmental Protection with the task of establishing a trails plan. The first Trails Plan was created in 1982, updated in 1996 and again in 2009. 

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Click Here for a link the Department of Environmental Protection: Green Acres Program

Click on the following links for resources pertaining to Trails Plans:

Recreational Trails Program Fact Sheet
Trail Specification and Design Resources
Trail Project Evaluating Factors
Project Development Guidance for Recreational Trails Program Grants

Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Sources
Pedestrian and Bicycle Funding Opportunities


Click Here to view Improving Outdoor Access: Sustainable Trails for All
presented by Peter Dolan, NJ Trail Coordinator at the 2017 Natural Lands Stewardship Workshop 


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